Biomedical Engineering PhD Student Wins Major International Award

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Biomedical engineering PhD student Noel Reynolds was awarded second prize in the Cellular Biomechanics PhD paper competition at the World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB) in Boston in July. The WCB takes place every four years and is the largest and most prestigious international biomedical engineering conference in the world, attended by over 4000 delegates, with over 750 submissions for the PhD paper competition.

Under the supervision of Dr Patrick McGarry, Noel has developed a novel experimental system to mechanically deform cells. Experimental data was then used to develop next-generation computational models, providing a new understanding of cell response to physical stimuli. The complete work entitled, “On the role of the actin cytoskeleton and nucleus in the biomechanical response of spread cells”, was recently published in Biomaterials, the leading journal in the field.

The work is supported by Science Foundation Ireland’s Research Frontiers Programme (SFI-RFP) and the Irish Centre for HighEnd Computing (ICHEC). This is the fourth major international prize awarded to a member of Dr McGarry’s research group in the past three years.

Research Matters Issue 09 Autumn 2014